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Integrity, hard work and the eternal pursuit of opportunity. This is Oscar Gruss & Son Incorporated.

Our History


We trace our roots back to 1918. It was in Poland, at the end of the First World War, that a young Oscar Gruss opened an office in the city of Lviv to trade in foreign currency.

The firm quickly grew to a staff of over fifty employees in both offices in Lviv and Warsaw, in the short span of a few years.


As World War II raged in Europe, Oscar Gruss and his family left their growing business to flee to the United States.

Oscar set out to repeat his earlier successes and in 1947, with the help of his son Emmanuel, established the New York Stock Exchange member firm that continues to bear his name.


At a time when many Wall Street firms become impersonal and rife with conflicts, Oscar Gruss offers a rare blend of specialization, experience and capability. Our aim – provide our clients with the ideas to identify opportunities in the market and the means to realize them.

In each of our major areas, we provide truly independent, conflict-free research and timely market information.

Similarly, our sales and trading functions are designed to work with our clients – free from the distractions of any proprietary trading.

As members of the New York Stock Exchange, we are able to execute orders on our clients’ behalf. We are active executors of equity and option orders, and also maintain both floor broker relationships and direct electronic connectivity to each of the regional exchanges.

By concentrating our resources on certain niche areas, we are able to offer a highly personalized service. We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding the needs and preferences of each of our clients, and delivering them efficiently time and again.


Fifty years later, in 1968, we opened an office in Tel Aviv making us the oldest US brokerage with an Israeli operation.

Our success in Israel is due, in large part, to our policy of staffing our Tel Aviv offices with local talent and training them in our specific way of doing business. We have also benefited from personally asking our clients how we can meet their individual needs and requirements rather than imposing a standard series of products and services.

Special Situations

Our business mix changes to fit the various stages of an economic cycle

Our Special Situations group provides research, sales and trading in event-driven “Special Situations”. Our team is comprised of trading and research professionals, each of whom have had many years of experience within this niche product category.

The firm’s historical knowledge base is an invaluable asset when examining potential events and announced transactions to determine the likelihood outcome and the trading consequences of its occurrence. The team’s significant depth of knowledge ensures an ability to deliver timely and valuable information to the client.

We maintain a dedicated trading desk which specializes in the particular needs of the special situations investor, including the execution of spread orders. Our research is generated on a “real-time’ basis and is made available via our proprietary database that provides live commentary on developments in the special situations universe.

Since many of the situations we cover unfold over several weeks or months, we believe a continuous update is key for properly timing entry and exit points. Additionally, all material is archived enabling our clients to check on closed, terminated or abandoned transactions for any relevant precedents.

Avi Avital
Avi Avital
Managing Director at Oscar Gruss & Son

Mr. Avi Avital has been working for the company from 2005 as a Sales Trader and from 2009 as Head of Trading. His focus is managing the Israeli branch's Operations and Sales and Business Development.

Mr. Avital got his degree at Tel Aviv University Recanaty School of Business.

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Danielle Landau
Danielle Landau
CFO/COO at Oscar Gruss & Son

Ms. Danielle Landau joined Oscar Gruss as the Controller in 2003. Prior to joining Oscar Gruss, she worked as a public accountant at Cornick, Garber, and Sandler, LLP, a public accounting firm. In 2010, Ms. Landau transferred from the Applicant’s Accounting Department to the Compliance Department. In 2014, Danielle transitioned to Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Ms. Landau has over 18 years of experience in the combined fields of accounting and compliance.

She received her Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from Pace University in 1998.

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