Makor Group Establishing a Crypto Currency Brokerage Desk for Institutional Clients

LONDON, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Makor Group (“Makor”), a leading international financial services firm, announced today that it is planning to launch a crypto-currency brokerage desk in early 2018.

Makor is a fast-growing international brokerage firm established in 2011 to provide financial securities research and execution to institutional investors across a spectrum of products including cash equities, fixed income securities, derivatives and FX. Makor’s senior management team has a combined 75 years’ experience in financial markets and servicing institutional clients.

Makor will be combining its online skilled gaming knowledge gained through its Makor Ventures incubator together with its financial markets expertise to provide much needed transparency and liquidity into the digital currency world.

To that end, Makor has very recently announced a partnership with Legolas Inc to create a crypto-currency exchange which will enable Hedge Funds, venture capital funds, banks or any other institutional clients to trade all cryptocurrencies in a trusted environment. 

Makor Group CEO Michael Halimi said the following earlier today: “By adding a dedicated sales force to the digital currency market, Makor is getting ready for tomorrow.  The cryptocurrency market is expected to grow from USD 500 million in 2017 to USD 3000 million by 2022, as well as the market for blockchain technology. We are delighted to welcome Paul Huang to our team as an expert in blockchain technology.”

The new crypto brokerage desk will provide services to institutional clients from Makor’s offices in London, Paris, Geneva, New York and Tel Aviv around the clock and will be fully compliant with all relevant regulation and in line with industry best practice.

Makor co-founder Avi Bouhadana added: “We believe that the crypto-currency sector offers plenty of opportunities. The announcement today underscores our ambitions in this space, as well as our commitment to offering new products to our clients.”

Makor continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the institutional brokerage world and is now expanding the traditional product offering in order to provide the best service to its global client base.

Makor brief history

The Makor group is an international agency only brokerage firm established in 2011 to provide financial securities research and execution to institutional investors primarily in cash equities, fixed income, derivatives and FX.

With offices in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Geneva, Gibraltar, Tel Aviv and Singapore, and over 100 group employees, Makor offers its clients 24-hour global trading providing a single point of contact for more than 90 execution venues in cash equities only.

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