Three Years in a Row: Makor Wins EXEL Title for Best Special Situations Sales

LONDON, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

For the third consecutive year Makor Securities has placed first in the EXEL Investor Survey for ‘Best Special Situations Sales’ in the European region. The honour solidifies Makor’s position as a global leader in Special Situations and Risk Arb. Once a breakthrough result, the consistent #1 ranking now acts as a resounding affirmation of Makor as a trusted brand amongst the investment community.

The recognition is much appreciated by Makor which has been working tirelessly for clients to provide excellent Risk-Arb Research, advice and execution over the years. With the arrival of MiFID II and other recent changes to the industry landscape Makor has redoubled its efforts to produce unparalleled content to ensure that investors are paying for a quality research product.

Co-founders Michael Halimi and Avi Bouhadana had this to say about the accolade: “This strengthens our conviction in our model, which delivers tradable real-time advice and research combined with efficient order management.”

This model seems well suited to the current market environment. There has been no shortage of interesting merger activity this year, and Makor has armed investors with the tools to turn each situation into an opportunity.

Makor’s unique approach, which increasingly utilizes data and new technology, has been met with enthusiasm by the risk-arb community.  The firm has proven its ability to provide unmatched intelligence on companies involved in mergers thus giving investors the ability to effectively handle situations that effect significant price volatility on a security.

In receiving the #1 ranking for the third year in the row Makor renews its commitment to its clients. The firm is grateful for the award and will continue to test the limits of excellence in product and client service.  

Makor Group ( 

The Makor Group (“Makor”) is an international brokerage firm established in March 2011 by Michael Halimi and Avi Bouhadana, two ex-senior managers at Cantor Fitzgerald Europe. Makor is authorized and regulated by the FCA and Makor’s core business is to provide financial Securities research and execution to institutional investors across a spectrum of products including Cash Equities, Fixed Income securities, Derivatives and FX.  

With offices in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Geneva, Gibraltar, Tel Aviv and Singapore, and over 120 group employees, Makor offers its clients 24-hour global trading providing a single point of contact for more than 90 execution venues in cash equities only. 

Makor provides its clients with original and innovative trading ideas specializing in risk arbitrage, special situations, relative value and event-driven opportunities for clients and regularly ranks in the Top 3 of the Thomson Reuters EXTEL risk-arb research surveys. 

Makor acts only as an agent and is therefore not susceptible to the various conflicts in the industry. Makor takes no proprietary positions and as such acts wholly and exclusively for the benefit of the client.  Makor’s understanding of local markets and extensive client relationships built over 30 years industry experience, allows us to tap into local institutional portfolios in order to maximize liquidity for clients.  

Besides the client relationships Makor has strong relationships with global custodians and prime brokers. These international custodians, which provide essential services across all asset classes, are the oil that keeps the trading engine running smoothly. Prime brokerage services including custody and trade settlement are as important to the clients as the execution itself and in some cases even more important. Settlement of trading activity needs to be timely and problem free.  

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